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You are the awesomest for me, You make my day happy, You are my shining star! You are th e best mother of the world! HAPPY 8TH MARCH, MUM!

    • Happy Valentines Day! Be always happy and smiling. Let the love be everywhere.Let it be as you go in life.

  • Happy womens day! Wonderful Outstanding Marvellous Adorable Nice

    • My heart will always belong to you!

  • Happy 1st March! With white and red go ahead.

  • Happy Valentines Day! I wish you good health it is always necessary Happyness it is never enough Sea of love and beach which always waiting for someone!

  • I love you, why hide? I love you, yeah it is a sin? Even before all to deny, I LOVE you, since I saw. Happy Valentine!

    • If you look into my heart, youd know the many reasons why I love you so! You are all I need! My love is your love and your love is my love!...ALWAYS AND FOREVER

    • Dear Mum, I wish you many health, happiness, luck and to look at me still. I much love, Mum. You are everything to me. Thank you the Lord youre my mother.

    • When you see a flower, I see it, when you touch, touch me. When you are tired of 14.02.2012 call me, to be together in this wonderfull day. To love and be loved it is a game most beautiful. Be my rival today is the tournament!

  • I love you! You dont go out of my heart and thoughts. Happy Valentines Day!

    • Happy Valentines Day! Love thy whispers words. They obey the gentle soul I love the day of love.